We specialize in bird / pigeon control in Miami and surrounding areas.
Bird and pigeon removal requires a special set of skills as well as a
knowledge of all bird removal methods. This is because different
situations call for different methods and if a company does not fully
understand the habits of birds, you will be stuck paying for bird
prevention devices that do not work.

We carry of variety of options to help you with your specific needs.
Your bird problem may require bird spikes; where others may require
bird wire, bird spiders or bird netting. Some jobs require a combination
of these methods to properly control pest birds.

It is our goal to provide you with the most cost-effective and aesthetically
pleasing method of bird control for your situation. Give us a call today to
go over your bird control problem and let us help you get rid of birds and
prevent them from nesting on your property. We even offer bird feces
decontamination services to help clean up and decontaminate any mess
that birds and pigeons have left behind. We can remove birds from
ANYWHERE. We are able to remove birds from high rise buildings and
were other companies are unable to reach because we are one of
few bird removal companies that have a rappelling specialist on staff..
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 Miami and Ft Lauderdale Bird Control.
We offer professional bee hive removal services to all of South Florida;
Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach, and The Keys.
We specialize in removing hives of Africanized bees, honey bees, wasps
and yellow jackets.

We don't just exterminate bees, we perform complete bee hive removal;
which is the only permanent way to eliminate bee problems.
Bee hive removal is a very difficult process and should not be done by a
pest control company with pesticides or chemicals because bees will die,
causing the hive and bees to rot, leaving you with a terrible smell of
death and rotting honey. Also, without removing the hive, bees will
always return, forcing you to pay for pest control services again and

The ONLY proper way to get rid of bees is by performing a full removal
of the hive, honey and bees.
We also permanently control bees from ever entering your property
again by scraping or sealing off where the hive was located. We can
remove hives from
ANYWHERE. We are able to remove bee hives
from high rise buildings and heights where other companies are unable
to reach because we have a rappelling specialist on staff.

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FREE quote over the phone or click here for more
information about
Miami and Ft Lauderdale Bee Removal.
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You have come to the right company.
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Rodent Control

We are Miami and Ft Lauderdale rodent control specialists.
We solve rat problems permanently by performing
rodent exclusion services.
That means no weekly, monthly or quarterly pest control contracts!
That means more than just trapping and removing the rodents!
It takes much more than exterminating to get rid of a rat problem.
Permanent rodent control is performed via exclusion; which involves
sealing off your entire home or business so that rats can no longer gain
access. Whether that means sealing off entry points under your house, on
your roof or deep into your attic, we have the tools, knowledge and
expertise to get the job done right.
We are so confident in our ability to permanently get rid of rats,
that we back up all of our work with a free warranty.
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Miami Rodent Control.

Wildlife Control

Are animals invading your home or business?
Have you been hearing noises in your attic or found unexplained
damage to your property? We perform animal removal and wildlife
control services to all of Miami, Ft Lauderdale, Palm Beach and
surrounding areas.
We help property owners get rid of nuisance wildlife problems
permanently. We trap, remove and control all species of wildlife;
squirrels, raccoons, possums, armadillos, birds, rats, moles,
bats, snakes and much more.

Whether wild animals are in your attic, burrowing under your house,
entering your business or nesting on a high rise building's roof top; we
have the skills, knowledge and tools to handle any animal problem.

Not only do we trap and remove wildlife, but we also exclude them by
sealing up your entire property and repairing any damage. We also
attic restorations, odor elimination and animal clean up services
to get rid of the nasty animal mess and feces or urine smell. Call today for
a free estimate for
Miami Animal Removal or Ft Lauderdale Wildlife

Bee Removal

Bird Control

Need to get rid of bats? Are bats in your attic or living under your tile
roof? We are bat removal specialists. We perform bat removal services
that most other companies cannot do; such as high rise bat removal and
removing bats from tile roofs.
Bat removal is a very tricky situation and requires a knowledgeable
specialist in order to solve the problem correctly and permanently. We
are highly trained and follow all of Florida Fish and Wildlife's laws and
regulations for bat removal and control. Proper bat removal takes more
than just removing the bats, you also need to exclude the bats from ever
nesting on the property again. We will work diligently with you to get
rid of bats and keep them from nesting on your property. Click for more
information regarding
Miami and Ft Lauderdale Bat Removal.

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We perform dead animal removal, livestock carcass removal and odor
removal services to all of South Florida.
We offer flat rates and same day service for dead animal removal!
Call today to get a free quote over the phone at
(305) 771-2747.
We can remove dead animal carcasses from under your house, deep in
your attic, from inside of walls and just about anywhere else on your
property. We have highly trained technicians, as well as special cameras
that enable us to find and remove any dead carcass.
We also offer
FREE odor elimination with every dead animal removal!
Call today to schedule or click here for detailed information about
Miami and Ft Lauderdale Dead Animal Removal.
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