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Free Estimates Bee Removal
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*With a detailed description of your bee problem,
we offer free quotes over the phone for bee hive removal,
305-771-2747 to get a price right now.*

We are also one of few companies in the nation with a
repelling specialist trained in
High Rise Bee Removal.

way to permanently control bees. Spraying bees with
chemicals and pesticides is NOT how to get rid of bees.
We are one of few South Florida bee removal companies that
offers permanent control via
full removal of the hive,
honey and bees and sealing off the entry point
scraping the area clean to avoid re-colonization.  

We are not a pest control company.
We DO NOT throw poison and chemicals at the bee problem.

We perform bee removal the
Which means

We are so confident we will permanently
control your bee problem, we back up our
work with a free warranty!

We offer free quotes over the phone for bee removal. Give us
a call and a few details about the bee hive's location, size, age,
etc...and we will give you a price over the phone.

There are two important questions to ask when shopping
around for prices for bee removal in Miami and Ft Lauderdale:

#1) Does the company REMOVE THE HIVE?
#2) Do they offer a WARRANTY?

If they don't offer these two things, this implies that they are
not bee control specialists, they are most likely just a pest
control company.

To get rid of Miami bees the proper method is hive removal.
You will find that a lot of South Florida pest control
companies in will not warranty their bee removal services
because they do not remove the hive. They simply spray and
exterminate the bees with chemicals. This works great at
killing the bees, but it does not get rid of the actual problem.

With the hive still there, bees will return.

When you try to call the bee pest control company back
because bees are swarming again, they will tell you that you
need another chemical application! So, while this may be the
cheaper alternative to bee control, it eventually ends up
costing a lot more in the long run.

Hive removal is a bit more costly, but not by much. It is
definitely worth it, as it is the only permanent solution to a bee
infestation. Bee removal prices vary, every situation is
different. What may look like a few bees entering a tiny hole,
could be a 4x4 hive behind the wall!

As we mentioned, to get rid of a bee problem it is imperative
that the whole hive is removed. Hives carry pheromones that
re-attract other bees from nearby, over-populated hives. If the
hive is not removed and sealed off correctly the problem will
always come back.

Feel free to give us a call about your bee or wasp infestation.
We offer free quotes over the phone for bee removal in Miami,
Ft Lauderdale, Palm Beach, The Florida Keys and all
surrounding areas.
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Eco Friendly Bee Control
Eco Friendly Bee Control

We specialize in bee hive removal in
Miami, Ft Lauderdale, Palm Beach and The Florida Keys.

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Free Estimates
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(305) 771-2747
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Licensed and Insured

Free Estimates
Call Today!
(305) 771-2747
(754) 444-7944
Licensed and Insured