Your local Miami or Ft Lauderdale pest control company will not be able to offer this level of
skilled service in bird control, because pest control companies specialize in bugs and

We specifically deal with animals, therefor we are highly trained , skilled and extremely
knowledgeable about bird and pigeon control.

We do not throw poison at the problem. We solve the problem
FOREVER. You can feel
confident that when hiring Rodent and Wildlife Control for your bird or pigeon problem, that
your problem will be solved the right way, the first time, which means permanent control of
birds and pigeons via exclusion and relocation.
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Rodent and Wildlife Control of South Florida specializes in bird, pigeon or seagull removal
and control. We also offer clean up of bird, pigeon or seagull feces and nesting. We have a
variety of options to control birds, such as bird spikes, bird wire, bird netting, bird spiders and
more. Fell free to contact our bird specialist directly to discuss your bird problem at

It is our goal to find the most cost effective and aesthetically pleasing method for your
situation. Not only will we remove the pest birds, pest pigeons or pest seagulls, we will control
them from coming back in the future, prevent them from nesting on your property and clean or
decontaminate any nesting and bird feces left behind.
We guarantee birds, pigeons or seagulls will no longer be a nuisance to your South Florida
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How to Get Rid of Pigeons, Birds or Seagulls

Bird removal and pigeon control can be accomplished with a variety of methods,
such as bird spikes or bird netting. However, the difficult task becomes accessing the area and
using the proper method for the situation.

Every situation is different.

Some jobs are small and easy, other jobs require boom lifts and multiple methods of control.
Bird control can be extremely difficult depending on where the birds are nesting. Sometimes
birds or pigeons get into areas that are hard to access or they nest at a height that is impossible
to reach by normal means. Our technicians are specially trained to gain access. We have
extensive equipment to solve any bird problem. Whether the situation requires fiber optic
cameras, cutting into walls, crawling deep into attic crawl spaces or repelling off the side of
high rise and commercial buildings, we can do it all!

Pest Control for Birds and Bird Exterminators

Birds, especially pigeons, are very dirty.
They create a terrible, unsanitary mess in a short period of time. Pigeon and bird feces carries
a multitude of disease and bacteria. This can be especially harmful to children, the elderly,
people with asthma and people with lowered immune systems. In addition to removal and
prevention, we offer decontamination services and disinfectant of affected areas. Please click
here for more information on decontamination services.

How to Get Rid of Pigeon Mess and Clean Bird Feces

Prices for Bird Control

At Rodent and Wildlife Control of Miami and Ft Lauderdale
we charge flat rates and provide
free estimates for bird removal and bird control.

We do not charge per trip or per animal.
This way, you always know what your paying for up front,
with no surprise bill at the end.

305-771-2747 if you have any questions about bird control prices or to schedule a free
inspection. We also match or beat our competitors prices by 10%.
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