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We can remove dead animals from ANYWHERE.
Whether you need a dead squirrel removed from a wall or you
need a dead animal removed from under your house;
whatever, the situation is we have the tools, training and skills
to handle ANY dead animal removal.

Sometimes it is easy to locate a dead animal carcass.
But, sometimes dead animal removals can be extremely
difficult depending on where the animal died.
Every situation is different.

Some jobs may require putting fiber optic cameras down into
the walls, where others may require getting underneath the
home or crawling deep into an attic crawl space.

Whatever your situation may be our techs have the tools,
knowledge and ability to access the animal carcass. We also
take adequate time to locate and remove the dead animal (up to
2 hours). We will also provide odor elimination upon request.

When calling around for prices for dead animal removal, make
sure you ask these three things:

1) How much time will be spent searching for the animal

2) Do they have adequate tools to access hard to reach areas?

3) Do they still charge the full rate if they cannot find the
animal carcass?

These are all important questions to ask before hiring
someone. You can feel confident when hiring Rodent and
Wildlife Control, that you will get that dead animal and that
terrible dead animal smell out of your house, with minimal
damage to your home and at an affordable price.

Unfortunately, no.
There are no Florida counties that offer free dead animal
The only exception to this is dead animals on the roadway.
Miami Dade, Ft Lauderdale, Palm Beach and all other county
animal control services DO NOT remove dead animals from
private property. Unfortunately, dead animal removal is the
responsibility of the property owner. If you are a renter,
contact your landlord and have the landlord call us to schedule
carcass removal services.

After our technicians remove dead animals, animal carcass or
dead rats we include a free odor elimination and disinfection
of the affected area! Dead animal smell can linger for days and
if you hire us you won't be stuck smelling such terrible odors,
because you will get rid of the smell for free with our odor
elimination, upon request.
Copyright 2013 Rodent and Wildlife Control, Inc.
A Florida Corporation. All Rights Reserved.
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Licensed and Insured

Free Estimates
Call Today!
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(754) 444-7944
Licensed and Insured