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Animal removal takes credit cards
Once animals have been in your attic, there is a high chance that
more will return. We always recommend permanent control after
trapping and removal so that you will not have animal issues in
the future.

Our Miami and Ft Lauderdale animal removal technicians are
specially trained to locate entry points and even potential entry
points, which can be anywhere on your property, including on
your roof or under your house.

Ask your technician for more information on permanent control
of animals after you have trapped and removed them. Some
situations involve more than just trapping and removing the

Sometimes animals contaminate your property.
Sometimes animals damage your property.
No matter what type of animal problem you're dealing with,
we have the ability to handle ANY situation.

We offer clean up services,
attic restoration services, odor
elimination, decontamination, disinfection,
dead animal removal
and animal damage repairs.

in Miami, Ft Lauderdale, and Palm Beach Fl

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Rodent and Wildlife Control specializes in animal removal and
offers animal trapping and exclusion services for all of
South Florida.

Will Animal Control Pick Up Wildlife?

Unfortunately, no.
Controlling and removing wild animals is the responsibility of the
property owner.

Many people do not realize that animal removal services such as
ours, are available because
local county animal control
does not remove wildlife or wild animals.

They only pick up dogs and cats.

What type of Animals Do You Trap?

We trap, remove and control ALL of Miami and Ft Lauderdale's
wild animals.
This includes but is not limited to;
rodents, squirrels, raccoons,
possums, armadillos, gophers, moles, skunks, bats, birds, seagulls
and pigeons.

Is This Humane Animal Removal?

Our animal removal process is always humane and safe.
Our animal removal process involves setting up multiple live
traps, so that the animals are trapped and removed humanely.

We will never use euthanasia and/or poisons as a way to remove
or control animals.

We check our traps regularly and never leave animals in traps
once they are caught. We also make the greatest effort to remove
mothers with their babies. In the case of orphaned animals, we
work with multiple wildlife rehabilitation specialists.

We are animal lovers and we love working with wildlife! You can
feel confident when hiring us, that the animals we trap and
remove will be treated with dignity and respect.

How Do I Get Rid of Animals In My Attic?

***Your home owner's insurance may cover
the cost of damage or contamination from
wild animals.***

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Licensed and Insured

Free Estimates
Call Today!
(305) 771-2747
(754) 444-7944
Licensed and Insured