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Rodent and Wildlife Control, Inc. specializes in
raccoon removal and permanent raccoon control for the entire South Fl area;
including Miami, Ft Lauderdale, Palm Beach and The Florida Keys.

How to Get Rid of Raccoons:

Need to get rid of raccoons?


This means removing the raccoons,
as well as keeping them out of your property forever.

We prevent and control raccoons from entering your property by
correcting the structural damage and construction gaps
that are allowing raccoons access to your home.

This can range from a simple job to an
extremely difficult job depending on where and how the raccoons are getting into your
home or attic.

Every property has a different and unique process.
Some properties may only have one or two entry points,
while some properties may need to have the entire property sealed off from raccoons.  

Some jobs require fiber optic cameras, crawling underneath the home, crawling deep into
attic crawl spaces or climbing on top of the roof to assess how and where the raccoons are
entering. It is necessary to fully inspect points of access and routes of travel in order to
know exactly what  needs to be done to solve your raccoon problem.

Your home owner's insurance may cover the costs associated with raccoon elimination and
exclusion; as well as decontamination or restoration costs.
Give us a call today at 305-771-2747
and one of our highly trained raccoon control technicians will be glad to help you or answer
any questions you may have about raccoon problems.

We are so confident we will rid you of your raccoon infestation
FOREVER, we back up all
our work with a Free One Year Warranty, which is renewable annually or bi-annually.
When you hire Rodent and Wildlife Control for Miami and Ft Lauderdale raccoon removal
and control, you can feel confident that the problem will be solved the right way, the first

Raccoons in the Attic:

Signs you may have raccoons in your attic include hearing loud noises in your attic at night,
unexplained property damage such as broken soffit and fascia, black marks on walls, and/or
feces or urine smell.

Miami and Ft Lauderdale raccoons are ruthless in the spring.
They will quickly make your attic their home because they are mating and reproducing.
They seek shelter and safety for their babies and they seek this refuge in your home or
They like to chew up A/C ducts to get some of your air conditioning.
They will nest in your
attic insulation and anywhere else they feel comfortable.

They will turn your home into their personal bathroom. If you have noticed utility bills
going up for no reason, or a
funny smell in your attic, these are all signs of a possible
raccoon infestation.

The sounds you are hearing in your attic may not be raccoons,
sometimes these noises are indicative of a
rodent infestation; or another type of wildlife
problem, such as squirrels.

That is why we offer
free estimates. During your free estimate we will find out exactly what
type of animal is in your attic and go over a plan to eliminate the problem forever. We also
offer permanent prevention,
decontamination and damage repairs. It is our goal to find the
most cost effective solution for your situation.

Property Damage Caused By Raccoons:

Raccoon problems wreak havoc for Miami and Ft Lauderdale property owners because
they cause a huge amount of property damage in a short amount of time.
Nine times out of ten, if you have raccoons in your attic, it is a mother and her babies.
Mother raccoons will break into your home, set up a nesting area, birth her babies and raise
them in your attic.

That many raccoons can cause a wide variety of damage and
contamination to your attic in
a short amount of time.
In addition to leaving feces, urine and bacteria every where they go, raccoons are very
strong and literally tear apart attics, soffit, and fascia. We have even seen a raccoon tear a
hole in a roof with her bare hands!
Most people do not realize the strength of raccoons until they have had a raccoon tear off
their attic vents, pull soffit off their home or some other impressive destruction.

For example, raccoons will tunnel through the attic insulation and shred it up to make a
nest. They will chew on your air conditioning ducts and water pipes. They will cause a

build up feces, urine, bacteria
, nesting materials and parasites in your attic or home.
Severe infestations can even lead to flea and mite infestations!  

Bottom line is a small problem can become a huge problem if not handled in a timely
manner. The longer you wait to control your raccoon problem, the more likely it is to
become a bigger problem. Bigger issues arising from untreated raccoon infestations are

restorations due to over-contamination of feces/urine; all the way to plumbing or
electrical restorations.


Raccoon Control vs Pest Control

Most South Florida pest control companies will remove raccoons,
but they do not offer

The reason they do not offer to correct the underlying problem is because
it's a pest control company's goal to get you set up on a monthly contract.
Why solve a problem, when they can make money off of the problem forever?

They will set you up on a contract to set up traps and check them monthly or weekly and
continue to do this until the end of time. This method will only keep the raccoons under
control, but it will never solve the problem. This method of control will leave you stuck
dealing with constant visits and monthly pest control bills

This method also ends up being way more costly in the long run. The best way to handle
Miami raccoon control is by
PERMANENTLY getting rid of them via raccoon exclusion.
Give us a call today to set up your
free estimate and get rid of those pesky raccoons forever!
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