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The number one way to control rats is by using integrated pest management;
IPM is a two part process:
The first and most important part is the permanent exclusion (sealing off entry points)
and the second process is the removal of the rodents.

Our exclusion process involves sealing off all holes, construction gaps and any other entry-
points found on the entire property. This could be one or two spots or multiple locations
through out the property. These areas could be in your attic, under your house, on your roof
top or in a multitude of random places. Some properties have one or two entry points, while
others need extensive amounts of work done to correct the problem.
Every property has a unique rat problem, with a unique solution.

This is why it takes a trained eye to perform rat removal services adequately.
We are specially trained in spotting rats routes of entry and sealing them off in a permanent
and effective manner.

Keep in mind, when rats are blocked off of their normal routes,
they will attempt to gain access to your home another way.
We go a step beyond what most rat removal companies would do.
We also secure these potential entry points to avoid future
issues with rodents trying re- enter.

All of our seals are done with the highest quality products to ensure longevity and durability
through the harshest of South Florida’s weather. We also take the aesthetics of the property
into consideration when excluding. It is our goal to make all of our seals as uniform as

After your entire property has been sealed off, we will then manually trap and remove the
entire colony of rodents. We provide flat rates for our rat removal services and all prices
include unlimited visits to reset and re-bait traps. We DO NOT charge per trip or per animal!
You will always know what you are paying up front.

We will also provide a
free disinfection of affected areas (a $325 Value) with the purchase of
exclusion and trapping services. Our disinfection process involves fogging a hospital grade
disinfectant into the attic or any other affected areas. This disinfectant will kill 99.9% of all
viruses, bacteria and odors that have been left behind by the rats. If you have had a severe
rodent infestation, you may need an
attic restoration to completely decontaminate your attic.
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