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Rat Exterminators in Miami
Rodent and Wildlife Control, Inc. specializes in Rat Extermination for the entire
South Florida area;
including Miami, Ft Lauderdale, Palm Beach and Monroe County, Fl.

How to Exterminate Rats:

Looking for a rat exterminator?
You have come to the right place!
We are South Florida's rat extermination specialists.

Our business is centered around exterminating rats.
We are not a pest control company.
We do not use chemicals or pesticides.
We get rid of rats the right way!
Using exclusion methods and integrated pest management.

This is the number one way to get rid of rats permanently and it is also the recommended
way of exterminating rodents; recommended by Dade and Broward County Health
Department and the Center for Disease Control.

Contact us today to exterminate the rats and get the rats out of your property guaranteed!
No need for monthly trips, no need for monthly contracts! Call us today and solve your
Miami or Ft Lauderdale rodent problem the right way, forever!

We service all of Miami and Ft Lauderdale.
Give us a call today at
305-771-2747 or 754-444-7944
and one of our highly trained rodent exterminators will be glad to help you.

We are so confident we will rid you of your rat problem
FOREVER, we back up all our
work with a Free One Year Warranty, which is renewable annually or bi-annually. When
you hire Rodent and Wildlife Control for your rat or mice infestation, you can feel confident
that the problem will be solved the right way, the first time.

Rat Exterminators and Pest Control

Rat extermination can be an extremely difficult process depending on where and how the
rats are accessing your property. This is why it takes a professional and not just a pest
control company.

Pest control companies focus on bugs and pesticides. Most pest control companies will
come out, set poisons and chemicals and continue to do this on a weekly basis until forever.
This will only lead to rats dying in your walls and in your attic. Then you have to deal with
the disgusting process of decomposition. The dead rat smell is terrible and lasts for weeks.
This method will kill the rats but it will never cure the problem. This is why you need a
rodent extermination specialist.

Our method guarantees no smell and no dead rats in walls!
We use snap traps, which is the correct way of exterminating rats. Using poisons and
chemicals is the lazy man's way. We do it the right way, using snap traps, checking the traps
regularly and sealing off the property so that rats can no longer get in your house or

We are one of few rat extermination professionals in Miami.
Nobody can exterminate and keep the rats out like we can! We are so confident in our
methods of exterminating rats that we backup all of our work with a free warranty. Give us
a call today to set a
FREE estimate for rat extermination.

The reason they do not offer to correct the underlying problem is because
it's a pest control company's goal to get you set up on a monthly contract.
Why solve a problem, when they can make money off of the problem forever?

The best way to handle rodent extermination is by
getting rid of rodents via rodent exclusion.

Give us a call today to set up your
free estimate to exterminate your rats.  
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