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Rodent and Wildlife Control, Inc. specializes in PERMANENT
rodent control and rat removal for the entire South Florida area;

How to Get Rid of Rats:

Need to get rid of rats?


We are not a pest control company; we are a
rat exterminator company.
We do not use poisons or chemicals and
we do not make you sign up for monthly or weekly contracts.

We offer rodent exclusion services;
the only correct and permanent method for rodent control.

This means eliminating and exterminating the rats;
as well as keeping them out of your property by
correcting the structural damage and construction gaps
that are allowing rodents access to your home.

This can range from a simple job to an
extremely difficult job depending on where and how the rats are getting into your home.

Every property has a different and unique problem.
Newer homes in Ft Lauderdale and Palm Beach properties may only have one or two entry
while some older Miami properties may need to have the entire property sealed. All holes
must be sealed for rodent control to be permanent.  

Some jobs require fiber optic cameras, crawling underneath the home, crawling deep into
attic crawl spaces or climbing on top of the roof. It is necessary to fully inspect points of
access and routes of travel in order to know exactly what  needs to be done to solve your
unique rodent problem.

Give us a call today at
305-771-2747 or 754-444-7944
and one of our highly trained rodent control exterminators will be glad to help you.

Our method to rodent control is recommended by the
CDC and Dade and Broward County Health Departments as the only way to permanently
get rid of rat infestations!

We are so confident we will rid you of your Miami or Ft Lauderdale rat problem
FOREVER, we back up all our work with a Free One Year Warranty, which is renewable
annually or bi-annually. When you hire Rodent and Wildlife Control for your rat or mice
infestation, you can feel confident that the problem will be solved the right way, the first

Signs You May Have A Rat Problem:

Not sure if you have rats?
Signs you may have a rodent infestation include hearing things in your attic at night, black
marks on walls, chewed wires, feces and urine smell.
A rodent's chewing noise can vibrate through walls and if your hearing these types of noises
at night, you most likely have a rodent infestation.

If you see rodents during the day, this indicates you have a severe infestation.

Rodents in South Florida are ruthless.
Rats will quickly make your house their home because it is so hot outside.
They seek refuge from the heat in your home or in your attic. They like to chew up A/C
ducts to get some of your air conditioning and chew into water pipes for a cool drink, even
metal pipes! They will nest in your garage, under your house, in your
attic insulation and
anywhere else they feel comfortable. They will turn your home into their personal
bathroom. If you have noticed utility bills going up for no reason, or a
funny smell in your
attic, these are all signs of a rat infestation.
It may not always be rats, sometimes these signs are indicative of a
wildlife infestation. That
is why we offer
free estimates. During your free estimate we will tell you what type of
animal it is and go over a plan to eliminate the problem forever. We also offer
decontamination and damage repairs.

Rat problems wreak havoc for property owners.
Rodents reproduce rapidly.
If unchecked, one pair of rats can produce 6 to 12 young in 21 days!
That is more than 640 rats in 1 year! Yuck!
That many rats can cause a wide variety of damage and contamination to your property in a
very short amount of time.

Property Damage Caused By Rodents:

In addition to leaving feces, urine and bacteria every where they go, rodents can cause a
wide variety of damage in a short amount of time. Most people do not realize the extent of
damage that can be caused by rats.

For example, rats will tunnel through the attic insulation, reducing its effectiveness and in
South Florida, our insulation is very important at keeping cooling costs down. Rodents will
chew on your air conditioning ducts, decreasing your air conditioners effectiveness. Both of
these issues result in an increase of your electric bill.

Rats will also chew on electrical wiring, costing you thousands in repairs, but even worse,
this destruction has been known to cause house fires. They also chew on plumbing pipes,
even metal plumbing pipes, and this is known to cause flooding in homes.

It is
VERY IMPORTANT that once you notice a rat problem, that you take care of it right
away because infestations lead to a
build up of feces, urine, bacteria and parasites in your
attic or home. Severe infestations can even lead to flea and mite infestations.  

Bottom line is a small problem can become a huge problem if not handled in a timely
manner. The longer you wait to control your rat problem the more likely it is to become a
bigger problem. Bigger issues arising from untreated rodent infestations can range from an
attic restoration due to over-contamination of feces/urine all the way to plumbing or
electrical restorations.

Rodent Control vs Pest Control

Most pest control companies in Miami and Ft Lauderdale will exterminate rodents,
but they do not offer
They only offer "treatments" or "bait boxes".
They do not fix the underlying problem.

They do not offer a

The reason they do not offer to correct the underlying problem is because
it's a pest control company's goal to get you set up on a monthly contract.
Why solve a problem, when they can make money off of
removing rats forever?

They will set you up on a contract to set up traps, poisons, and bait boxes and check them
monthly or weekly and continue to do this until the end of time. This method will only keep
the rats under minimal control, but it will never solve the problem. This method of control
will leave you stuck dealing with stinky dead rats, constant visits from the company and
monthly pest control bills

This method also ends up being way more costly in the long run. The best way to handle
rodent removal is by PERMANENTLY getting rid of rodents via rodent exclusion.
Give us a call today to set up your
free estimate and get rid of those pesky rats forever!  
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