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We have always had a rodent infestation in our 1929 Miami Shores home. We
hired several of the major pest control companies over the course of 10 years
and no one could ever make them go away for good. They would lay poison
and the rats would go away for a few weeks but then return and the pest
control guy would come back and poison them all over again. I finally got
sick of constantly paying the bills and never really getting any where. So, I
started doing some research and found Rodent and Wildlife Control. We
decided to give it one last attempt before giving up.

We were SHOCKED the rats were gone within 2 weeks and we have not
had any issues since!!! We were amazed and I would highly recommend this
type of service to anyone with a rat problem. I wish I had known about this
method sooner, we really wasted a lot of time and money. I am very
impressed with everything you guys did and will recommend you to anyone.

This company has excellent customer service. I used them last month to
remove a beehive from my house in Hollywood and they did an excellent
job. The customer service was excellent and their prices were the best out of
every one I called. I would definitely recommend this company.

I have used these guys twice in the past and both times they did a great job.
The first time I used them was for rodent control and they got rid of the rats in
2 weeks and I have never had a problem since, their prices were not the
cheapest, but they were not the most expensive quote either.
I had one guy trying to charge me $3000!!! These guys did the same exact
thing for half that. I am under warranty and they honored it. I would use these
guys if you have rats. I also just hired them for a bee hive removal on my
rental property in Pembroke Pines and got the same good service at a good
price. Good company, very happy with service.

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