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Facts About Our Miami Wildlife Trapping Services:

  1. We get rid of wildlife problems forever!
  2. We are licensed, insured and carry workman's
  3. We are a family owned, local company. This allows us to
    offer you better service and lower pricing then
    nation-wide, corporate owned companies.
  4. We offer free estimates & no inspection fees!
  5. Free one year warranty with affordable renewals.
  6. We specialize in prevention and damage repairs, in
    addition to trapping services.
  7. We also offer decontamination, attic restoration, odor
    elimination and disinfectant services.
  8. We now carry organic disinfectants, in addition to our
    hospital grade disinfectants.
  9. We provide 24/7 emergency service and same day service.
  10. We accept all major credit cards.
  11. We pride ourselves on our quality customer service and
    we have "A+" Ratings on Angie's List
  12. No chemicals, poisons or bait boxes
  13. No Monthly Contracts or Per Trip Fees.
  • Licensed and Insured
  • Free Warranty
  • Exclusions & Prevention
  • Damage Repairs
  • Odor Elimination
  • Decontamination
  • Organic Disinfectants
  • 24/7 Emergency Services
  • We Accept Credit Cards
  • "A+" on Angie's List
  • Quality Customer Service
  • High Rise Specialists
  • Commercial Specialists
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Rodent and Wildlife Control of Miami and Ft Lauderdale
specializes in wildlife removal, wildlife trapping, and
wildlife control for all of the South Florida area. We trap,
remove and control

Hearing Things In Your Attic at Night?

Trapping and removing wildlife only solves half of the
problem. If wildlife are accessing your property, chances are
high that the problem will re-occur.

We will be glad to go over a plan to permanently control
wildlife from entering your property.

During your inspection a technician will listen to your
problem. He will perform a whole house inspection. He will
assess what type of wildlife problem you have, and then he
will go over a plan with you to permanently eliminate and
control the animals via wildlife exclusion.

Excluding wildlife takes a trained eye to locate where the
animals are entering. Some jobs require fiber optic cameras,
crawling underneath the home, crawling deep into attic
crawl spaces and climbing on top of the roof. Some
properties may only have one or two entry points, while
some properties may need to have the entire building sealed
off to permanently prevent wildlife from entering.

It is necessary to fully inspect these areas in order to know
exactly what  needs to be done to solve your unique wildlife
problem. This is why we offer free estimates, give us a call at
305-771-2747 or click here to send us an email. We will be
happy to set you up with a free estimate and answer any
questions you may have about wildlife removal and control.

How to Get Rid of Wildlife Problems

Bigger issues arising from wildlife infestations are damage
and contamination to your property. Property damage from
wildlife such as raccoons, squirrels and possums can range
from minor cosmetic repairs to serious rehabilitations to your
plumbing and electrical systems. Contamination issues range
from simple disinfection applications all the way to complete

If you are hearing noises in your attic at night, it is most likely
rats or wildlife such as raccoons, squirrels or possums. It is
VERY IMPORTANT that once you notice a wildlife problem,
you take care of it right away. You will want to stop the
problem before it gets worse. The longer you wait to resolve a
wildlife problem, the more likely it is to become a bigger

Damage Caused By Wildlife Problems

Prices for Wildlife Removal and Control

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